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Faith Part 1 and 2

Faith Part 1
Unless you have clarity with your faith it can be very scary. Its like changing a job or a career or moving to a new location. The unknown is very scary and because it is, most people will never go and discover the unknown. Faith comes from deep inside of you. It is something we all are born with but thanks to freewill you can decide when to have faith and when not to have faith. For example having faith in yourself. Some of us do and most of us don’t because of our rooted psychology of the people around us and the society we live in. How can you know if your faith is right or wrong. Well your faith is always right. The fact that you chose to have faith in yourself, or others or the unknown is A GREAT THING, A GREAT START. Now when you start your faith journey, what usually happens?
You start a new job and on your first day your car brakes down. You decide to move a new location, and one of your family members gets really sick you start thinking twice about moving. Yup, that’s what usually happens. Does that means you should stop having faith in yourself or what your doing in life.
Well honestly, that’s up to you and there no right or wrong answer. We are all in different stages of our lives and spiritual growth. Timing makes such a huge difference. like when some says, Im going to travel but only after my kids grows up. Well that’s a timing thing and only you know your time and when to make a move in any direction...

Faith part 2
Faith will always be there for you when your really to have faith. If you want to speed up your growth in life, in relations, in God and in your job/career/money than I highly recommend for you to start by having faith in yourself first, yes before even leaving your faith to God, have faith in yourself first. Some people say I have faith in God and so on and so on but they do not have faith in themselves. How can God work through them, how can God help them make that money they want when they refuse to change, how can God give them that dream house in their dream location when they don’t want to move, they don’t have the faith to move. Have faith in yourself first, than have faith in God and the angels and than faith in whatever you want to do or become. ALWAYS HAVE FAITH FIRST, THAT SHOULD BE YOUR PSYCHOLOGY FOUNDATION IF YOU WANT IT, that your chose to make.


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