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Letting go, sweet Valentine, and A gladiator story

A Solomon Life: Letting Go

When your learning to let go, when you allow yourself to be in the healing process, you finally come to a point where you start to see results all around and you feel HAPPY and it starts to show. Cheers 🥂 to taking back myself one day at a time.


A Solomon Life: My Sweet Valentine
Love is the greatest, remember to love yourself first, so if anyone ever hurts your heart, you will be able move forward. Love comes in every form and you should only keep it if it’s Pure. If it’s not pure let it go. That’s what I’m working on, I don’t know how someone so close to you, can hurt you so much and clearly this is my painful truth and it’s okay, I will focus only on the pure love that’s around, starting with my foundation God, my Angels, myself and finding my purpose on this Earth, with fingers cross I will leave this World better than I found it. I pray that my light is surrounded only by the right people. All my life, I’ve been kind and for that reason I am full of disappointment from people, family, friends, boys, and jobs/workplace people. This pain a lot of people can relate to, Disappointment from people because all you have given has been your all and all I have given has been my all.
Happy Valentines Day Cheers to taking back our heart, and taking care of it ourselves, even with a husband, I still want to love myself first. Don’t care if you miss my light or don’t, I love my light from God and now it’s time to to use it with people that appreciate it,cause it won’t last forever.


A Solomon Life: A Gladiator Story
There once’s was a little girl. She was born full of God’s light under a lucky star with a destiny assigned to her. Her childhood was filled with Love.
She traveled to a stranged land where everyone acted differently. Kids was mean and so immature. They would tease her and laugh at her because they all saw that she was different.
One day she made a very important decision, she would become a Gladiator and fight back. She grew up to become a great Gladiator, there was no fight she ran from, there was no battle she didn’t win. She became worst than the people, her fire was higher. Her anger was felt miles away.
All this, just so she could stand up to the people. All this so she can be able to fight back. All this but she was starting to miss something.
She started to miss being that sweet pure girl she once was. Wow you really have to meet her to really feel her light. She wanted that back.
So she started to pray:
Dear Mother God/Father God and all the Angels.
I am grateful to be a great Gladiator, a great one I am, Can no one mess with me. God is there a way to go back to the real me. The me before I had to fight bullies of this world. What do I have to do to be a bright light again because as your daughter I shine in all colors 🌈-Amen

The girl started her journey back to being how God made her to be. Though it would be a long journey back, she’s a Gladiator..

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